Let us breathe some extra life into your event



Capture the fun on your big day.

The entertainment value that the QT Booth will bring to your wedding is priceless, but not nearly as priceless as the photos you’ll have the next day! Watch as your guests interact with the magic mirror and immediately let their hair down to have some fun, leaving you with photos that really reflect their personalities.

Set up the mirror booth for your canapé hour to amuse your guests, or wait until the reception and watch as as guests gravitate towards it, becoming the epicentre of the party. With a trunk full of props to pose with, unlimited photo retakes and unlimited prints, the QT Booth is guaranteed to capture some unforgettably fun moments, no matter when you set it up.

You get to enjoy your wedding day then look back at the moments that you normally would have missed. It’s a great reminder of how fun your day really was, and it also gives your guests pictures to physically take home. Give your guests the gift of a memory in tangible form that you know they’ll cherish forever.


Why choose QT Booth for your wedding?

  • Unlimited photo retakes means you’ll never have to settle for anything less than the perfect shot! Keep snapping until you’re happy.

  • Unlimited studio-quality photo prints- No limits, keep printing! Note that some other photo booth companies print just 1x photo per booth session.

  • Photo Strip Options- Pick either the classic 2x6 photo booth strip OR a larger 4x6 postcard size.

  • Custom Template Design - Choose from our pre-made template designs or we can work with you to create one thats aligned with your wedding theming*.

  • High Quality Backdrops- In addition to 5 unique backdrops, we also have a green screen that you can turn into any backdrop you can imagine! Want a custom backdrop? We can help source one that’s custom-made* for you!

  • Guest Book like no other- Go for the “Double Print” option* and the QT Booth will automatically print an extra photo from every session to go into a photo album for your guests to sign. Photo Album also included!

  • Fun Props - watch the creativity unleash when your guests get acquainted with our trunk full of masks, hats, signs and more.

  • Add touch-based photo signing and emoji stamping so your guests can customise their own photo!

  • Video messages - Opt-in to have your guests leave you video or audio recordings.

* Some customisation options have additional fees and could require a 4-6 week lead time.

Conference_ Incentive_Queenstown_QTBOOTH.jpeg



Interactive branded Corporate solutions.

We believe conferences should be fun, exciting and push the experiential boundaries for their attendees. The QT Booth is a powerful social photo experience that can be branded to fit in with the theme of your conference here in Queenstown. We love creating unique unforgettable moments with our Mirror Booth that reflects your brand vision and promotes engagement with your guests & clients.

From glamming up your conference’s gala night to entertaining the delegates between sessions, we can fit the QT Booth into your conference schedule in a multitude of areas.

Send the guests home with a branded keepsake that they’re sure to share and you get a folder full of high-quality digital images of the conference guests having a blast… perfect for marketing next years’ event!


Custom branding options include:

  • Customise your photo template with logos or theming so that your guests walk away with a memory that has your branding attached.

  • Multi-template option allows your guest to swipe through multiple templates and choose what they want on their print.

  • Set up the Green Screen backdrop to instantly transport guests inside your business- all we need is a high-res image!

    • Have multiple locations to showcase? We can set up your green screen so guests can swipe and choose from multiple backgrounds.

  • Collect email addresses onscreen & receive a file to follow up with your guests.

  • We can design a branded welcome screen* to help encourage guests to engage with the booth.

  • Go for the animated .GIF option and capture your clients in motion!

  • Optional custom backdrops* made bespoke for you.

  • Add touch-based photo signing and emoji stamping so your clients can customise their own photo!




moments worth celebrating need documenting.

It's your party and you can hang out at the photo booth all night if you want to!

From celebrating birthdays, milestones or engagements, to office parties and holidays… every good party needs a photo booth to capture the fun.


And let’s be honest…

…there isn’t much that tops an open bar, but we’d be willing to bet a photo booth will add just as much fun & entertainment to your party!

Put the two together, and you’re pretty much guaranteed some unforgettable photos the next day.




Glitz and glamour deserves a mirror.

Your guests scrub up well— send them home with a photo of it so they can prove it to their nan. Having a photo booth at your Ball or Gala not only provides a way to capture the romance of the night, but also adds another dimension of entertainment for the guests.

If this is an event that happens annually, why not have your guests do the marketing for you? Photos are Throwing away a photo strip is as unlikely as throwing away a 10 cent piece. They stand the test of time, and usually end up on the fridge… so send them home with a daily reminder of how much fun they had. You’re almost guaranteed to see them back next year!

Every glamorous occasion needs a photographer to capture the sparkle of the event, so why not have a camera that sparkles too?

Planning a Ball for young adults? Having an open photo booth like the QT Booth is a smart party investment. Teens love taking group photos, lots of photos, and silly photos. Unfortunately, those aren't options with the typical static photographer who sets up in one corner and snaps the same pose all night. Open photo booths, however, do offer the group dynamic, the silliness, the props, and the spontaneity teens love.




Real time marketing at your finger tips.

Content is king these days, so imagine the priceless free publicity you’ll receive from your guests sharing their photos to social media! The QT Booth is a powerful social experience which can be branded and customised to enhance your brand activation or promotion to build brand awareness through a multitude of tailored options. Your guests will want to share branded content of themselves engaging with your product.

We’ll bring added value to your brand, while also creating buzz for your business both during the event and after. Our team will work closely with yours to create a mirror booth experience that immerses your guests in your brand. Each photo or boomerang will feature your company’s logo or website ensuring that your brand is highly visible to the guest, even after they walk away.

Want to go a step further? We can work with you to custom create* your own themed backdrop or booth wrapping that reinforces your business or brand from top to bottom.

Our booths can also be Wi-Fi equipped* to instantly deliver each photo and boomerang directly to your guest’s phone. From there, they can share to any social media outlet.

Grow your company’s reach without lifting a finger- your guests will do it for you!

* Some customisation options have additional fees and could require a 4-6 week lead time.

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QTBooth_Queenstown_Photobooth_TradeShow 3.jpg

Be the talk of the trade show.

On the trade show floor, everyone is bringing their A-game. You can’t skate by with a few free pens & stress balls and say you’ve made an impact. You need an eye-catching display, swag that no one can pass up, and an activity that will bring in tons of foot traffic. The QT Booth does all this and more. Watch the word get around the trade show as guests boast about the enjoyable experience they had at your exhibition. After all, everyone wants to know the company that was cool enough to rent a photo booth!

Our Mirror Booth can help you create a fun, memorable, and successful trade show experience. We’ll help you send the delegates away with a tangible memory from your interaction, so all you have to worry about is your sales pitch!

How will the QT Booth help benefit your trade show stall?

TradeShow_Mirrorbooth_Photobooth copy.jpeg
  1. Increased foot traffic — We all know that people LOVE photo booths. Watch as guests gravitate in to have a play, then go tell others about your stall.

  2. Great conversation starter— Now that you have their attention for the 2-3 minutes it takes to decide on a pose and take a photo, you’ll be able to explain your product, service, or brand and know that they’re interested.

  3. Transport guests inside your business— Set up the Green Screen backdrop to instantly ‘take’ your guests into your business- all we need is a high-res image! Have multiple locations to showcase? We can set up your green screen so guests can swipe and choose from multiple backgrounds.

  4. Great Swag — No one has ever stood in line for a stress ball, but they will for a selfie with the QT Booth! We’ll customise your photo strip so that the guest takes home a memory that has your logo attached. Plus, you’ll never risk running out of your branded marketing materials at that big event, because our prints are unlimited!

  5. Complete customisation— In addition to the strip template design, we can also work with you to custom-create* backdrops, booth wraps, and on-screen animations so that every element of the booth is in line with your branding.

  6. Collect contact details— We can add a form field onscreen for email addresses & phone numbers then send you a file to follow up with your guests.

  7. Social sharing— Our booth can also be Wi-Fi equipped* to instantly deliver each photo directly to your guest’s phone. They will want to share branded content of themselves engaging with your product.

  8. Grab Video testimonials — We can set up the booth with video messaging capabilities, so your visitors can leave a short message talking about your brand, product, or the event itself. Use these video testimonials in future promotional videos or social media feeds, just be sure to get their permission first!